Rijeka Carnival

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Jan 17, 2019 - Mar 06, 2019

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The choice of the Queen of Rijeka Carnival will be an introductory manifestation that begins after the ceremonial handover of the key city. Next, they will be followed by the best days of the year, the Children's Carnival Parade on February 16th, and the great finale, the International Carnival Parade on March 3rd.

Choice of Queen of Rijeka Carnival

Jan 18, 2019

Choice of Queen of Rijeka Carnival is already a traditional introductory event of the Rijeka Carnival, when the masks choose the most charming female representative who will take part in all public presentations of the Rijeka Carnival. This event presents a challenge every year to numerous carnival groups that nominate their representatives for the Golden Plaque and the flattering title of the Queen of Carnival. In addition to knowing carnival tradition, girls must show charm and humor, dance and music skills, and beauty in this case is not an advantage...

In addition to the Queen's Choice, the best performing performances of carnival groups, accompanied by each candidate, are traditionally rewarded. After the announcement of the new Queen of Carnival, thousands of masquerading people are eagerly waiting for the handover of "city keys". The Mayor of Rijeka hands the keys to the Meštro Carnival and the time of madness can begin. From that moment, the masquerade will rule the city, all problems remain forgotten ... The masks do not hide, but they reveal the joy of life, songs, love...

Children's Carnival Parade

Feb 16, 2019

The Children’s Carnival Parade is a carnival event featuring the youngest generation from the country and abroad, when the river of the little ones in the colorful carnival procession flooded the river Korzo. Countless characters from fairy tales and the most beautiful creatures from the imagination are the main attraction of the Rijeka Carnival, which is why many visitors from all over the world come.

Masked kids are a guarantee and a promise that the carnival tradition will never stumble in this area, but will live for centuries and convey the ghost spirit to the next generations, which will appreciate the legacy of their ancestors.

International Carnival Parade

March 03, 2019

International carnival parade is the crown of carnival festivities in Kvarner and beyond. The contest of imagination, wit and originality, firework of colors and shapes, results in the parade of hundreds of allegorical wagons, thousands of masks and unmistakable number of viewers from home and abroad.

Since the organization of the Rijeka Tourist Board for the first time in 1982, the renewed Rijeka Carnival has continued in the best light of the centuries-old tradition of mourning in the coastal regions of Croatia and has elevated the city of Rjecina among the most important European carnival cities. When they were walking through Korca in Rijeka three carnivorous groups (Carnival Group "Easy," "Pehinarski fehtari" and "Halubajski zvonciari"), nobody has noticed the extent to which the traditional International Carnival of Rijeka, where The International Carnival Parade is just one of the programs of this significant event, will bring together an increasing number of participants and audiences from country and abroad.