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When visiting the "wine hotel", we recommend to all wine lovers that in our special tasting room, inside the winery, you will pass one of the programs of wine tasting.

Also, at the same place you can buy any Meneghetti or House Glavić wine, individual bottles or kits packed in handmade wooden boxes.


Quality of life in harmony with the nature surrounding and protecting it - the foundation of Meneghetti's philosophy. Vina, as well as everything we do, we approach with love and knowledge. Significant fruit of the Istrian country is definitely the vineyards and her clusters. We produce wines that reflect the character of Istria, which at the same time exceeds its borders with its character and quality.

In order for the varieties to provide the optimal substrate, we grow our game in two locations.
The "Red Earth" is a strong and poor country, richer than stone, rich in iron, giving it a specific, intense shade of red color and a unique fertility. The red earth is inhaling the air from the sea, the smell of a Mediterranean smell in its immediate vicinity, and is particularly suitable for red grape varieties.

The "White Country" is made of Eocene worms, the mother of our white wines. In this part of Istria soil is characterized by gray and white because of its high clay content and is particularly suitable for white grape varieties that give unique wines of exceptional taste and fragrant elegance.


For a wine-hotel visit, this sophisticated beverage is expected to be offered in a variety of ways. For all wine lovers, we recommend that you visit one of our guided wine tasting programs in our special wine tasting room, buy any Meneghetti or House Glavić wine, individual bottles or kits packed in handmade wooden boxes.

The tasting program is also open to guests, with a special offer for group tours up to 10 people. Of course, for the most talented acquaintances, we offer a selection of Meneghetti archival wines, a limited amount of bottles that can be buy only in our tasting room.


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